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Bentley... made by Rolls-Royce
Did you know??? When you ride in a Bentley, you're riding in a car made by Rolls-Royce.

"The history of the Rolls-Royce motor company spans from 1911 to its tragic bankruptcy in 1971. Its fame rose not only from high quality motor vehicle engineering but also from its contribution to aviation, underpinning the superiority of Britain's air power in both World Wars.

1937 Bentley two-door sedan...
A 1937 4¼ litre (259 cubic inch) Bentley two-door sedan.
(G. Leslie Horn, Enfield, Middlesex, England)

Only a priveleged few have experienced the thrill of riding in a Rolls-Royce motor vehicle.. but, how many people realise that Bentley was also manufactured by that historically revered company? It's true,see above a two-door Bentley proudly released from the Rolls-Royce factory in 1937."

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